Big Dicks At School with Billy Santoro and Johnny Rapid – FREE video preview

Any scene that starts with Johnny Rapid naked in a shower is fine by me. This one soon evolves into something pretty special though, and it takes an age old fantasy as its theme. We’ve all had it, either as a younger guy or as an older one and in his case the older one is played by our dream-guy Billy Santoro. So what’s the fantasy? Well it’s this:
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Johnny is at college, he’s striking out on his own, he is estranged from his dad and in his place he has his ‘uncle’, the old family friend Billy who told dear old dad that he would look after and mentor Johnny as he left home and made his way in the world. So, Billy calls into Johnny at college, after his shower, and starts mentoring him. He’s there for him if he needs anything. And how’s it going with the girls? Seems that Johnny’s not been getting any of that, but has had a load of guys hitting on him, he can have as many guys as he wants but he’s not done that before. Seems, though, that Billy has, and if his charge needs any instruction he would be happy to help out.

You know what’s coming next.
So, we have one dreamy twink on the bed, innocent and virginal and one horn, hunky older hairier stud offering to show him the ropes. Which one would you like to be? From here on in it is a classic ‘intergenerational’ scene with the smooth twink and the older ‘dad’ pitted together. Hunky Billy sucks Johnny’s cock to show him what that feels like and that soon gets the balls rolling. There’s full body kissing, Johnny sucks Billy, and the blowing takes us until half way through the film. By this point you’re begging to see the twink get fucked and Johnny loses his virginity by slowly, sitting on Billy’s hard cock. He soon gets the taste and feel for that and then there is no stopping these two hot guys.

Johnny gets his ass taken every which way, my favourite being him on his front with his cute smooth ass sticking up in the air and Billy grunting his way in and out of it and then coming all over it as Johnny lies on the ground, on his front and delirious with ecstasy. He’s so overcome with all the action that he comes all over his own chest, shooting his wad in a great climax.

Another brilliant scene, another wonderful fantasy played out, this time intergenerational and with Billy Santoro once again taking the lead and showing us why he’s such a great porn dad. If you love Johnny Rapid porn videos – check out his blog at

Johnny Rapid getting porn from Tony Paradise

Johnny Rapid is teamed up with gorgeous, hairy, well hung stud Tony Paradise but this time there’s a bit of a twist to the scene. Tony is really horny and calls up a buddy to find out where he can get a blowjob. He heads over to a well known XXX store which has glory holes in the back. When Tony gets back there he finds a slutty female more than ready to suck his big man hammer – or so he thinks. She begs him for his meat and sure enough, Tony sticks it through the hole. Little does he know that Johnny Rapid is also on the other side of the hole and soon takes over the slut’s cock sucking duties!

The woman continues to coach the action for a while longer, keeping Tony thinking that she’s stroking his dick and not another man. As soon as Johnny gets busy working his oral magic though, the slut leaves and things finally get down to business with some sensational dick swallowing on part. Tony is no dummy though and eventually discovers that he’s being blown by a dude. It doesn’t matter to him though, as he’s so horny he wants to fuck any hole put in front of him. He then joins Johnny on the other side of the glory hole.

Johnny sucks Tony for a while longer, just enough to get Tony rock hard and ready to ram his boy hole for all it’s worth. And when Tony Paradise fucks an ass, it leaves very little to be desired! Johnny takes one of the best ass reamings of his life and soon brings both of them off in a glorious, orgasmic, cum spewing mess!

Johnny Rapid Jizz Orgy has revealed a hot new Jizz Orgy scene presenting six of the
hottest studs. In this excellent scene also known as Tops Only Required , Rocco Reed calls that friend Charlie Harding and additionally says to him he s annoyed and naughty and additionally would like to get fucked. Charlie offers to come around to screw that butt. Charlie invites three different buddies around to Rocco home and also whichs just how a gang bang was arranged.

Rocco Reed welcomes Charlie having a blowjob and additionally later on he finds out your man needs to greeting three others, too. Rocco is hungry for cock and he s happy to suck each of the men because the couple arrive at just his door one by one. Soon after some even more shared blowing, the guys take spins fucking Rocco mouth area and additionally ass.
Since indeed there are really also many tops for simply one bottom, Johnny Rapid offers up that ass to Jack King, Tony Paradise and also Charlie Harding.

It is an extremely hot scene with some kind of actually hotter ending, as Tony, Jack and Rocco lift Johnny up and also place him around Charlie’s difficult cock. They jump him upwards and down such as a sex doll, when that ass has stretched by Charlie’s big dick.

Valentin Petrov fucking Rapid

Johnny Rapid is certainly a player, especially when it cums to scoring a big, Russian dick like Valentin Petrov possess stuck between that feet. Sure, Johnny is redoing his house, however he’s not really searching for a laborer to help him out other when compared to stuffing up that insatiable twink hole by way of a big hard-on. Valentin soons confirms this excellent out when they reach Johnny’s put and additionally being the horny stud which he is, is completely down with ramming the sweet bottom!

Valentin has got This nice big dick on top of him therefore every one of the know how a lot Johnny Rapid really loves a tasty big man hammer. The boy looks fantastic as he does that best to take everything he could of Valentin’s good Russian cock. And also the guy face fucks him with the lust and additionally desire one would expect from a red blooded guy. Johnny’s own boy meat is stone difficult as your man strokes it along with the thrusts of Valentin’s meat in and additionally as a result of his mouth. GREAT blowjob action to say the very least! Valentin gains the prefer for a while naturally before laying Johnny out on that rear end for some kind of ass banging that leaves nothing to be desired!

You have got to love the whines of pleasure and bliss which cum as a result of Johnny’s adorable mouth area since he takes a big dick upwards his twink ass. Mmmmm. Russian guy Valentin absolute certain knows how to bang a hot ass also, thrusting similar to a man possessed and more! Surprise, surprisal though! Valentin loves to get shagged within the butt too! Johnny soon has got his metal hard shaft buried upwards the stud’s hairy bunghole, giving it each of the that he’s worth. In reality, he takes it right to the completion of the movie, which makes Valentin shoot out a thick, tasty load of jizz from his big cock right before cumming all of the in the Russian hottie himself

Sebastian Young fucking Johnny rapid

Johnny Rapid is attending the local glory holes once again, looking to score some big straight dick for his insatiable sucking and fucking appetites. Sebastian Young is the big dicked stud featured in this sensational video and of course he is lured in with the promise of a head from a woman. However, she isn’t around for very long, her lips and throat soon being replaced by Johnny’s very talented mouth.

Johnny blows Sebastian for a while through the glory hole, but it isn’t too long before Sebastian calls him out into the open so he can watch the adorable bottom go to town on his long schlong. With his long, lean, tattooed body and big dick, Sebastian is a fantastic sight to behold as Johnny pleases him thoroughly.

Like any hot blooded stud, Sebastian soon wants a piece of ass and we all know Johnny is always willing to give his up. Sebastian bends Johnny over and rams his rock hard man meat deep inside his boy hole. His thrusts are powerful, almost animalistic in nature. Just how Johnny loves it of course! Johnny loves riding a big stud dick too though of course and looks SO good with Sebastian’s big boner drilling him deep while he floats up and down on it. Then it’s back to doggie style until Sebastian blows his sweet, thick load of cum all over Johnny’s twink chest. Followed by Johnny shooting his own pent up jizz of course

Ricky Sinz fucking Johnny Rapid

Everyone loves room service when staying in a nice hotel, but tattooed stud Ricky Sinz got and took way more than he expected to get when Johnny Rapid showed up at his door. Johnny is a bit new to the whole room service delivery thing, at least when it comes to serving food and suck. Ricky answers the door in his underwear and wants to be served while lying on the bed. No problem. But Johnny messes up and spills the food all over him. Needless to say, he’s pissed right off and wants payback. In the most intriguing way!

After tearing a strip out of Johnny for fucking up so badly, Ricky wrestles him onto his back on the bed, straddling his face. He pulls his cock out and force feeds it to the adorable twink, making him take it all. Johnny does what he’s told, after all, he doesn’t want to lose his job! Ricky face fucks Johnny for a while before all their clothes come off. He bends Johnny’s sweet ass over and gives it some loud and rather painful open handed smacks. Hot! This is just foreplay for tough, pissed off, merciless Ricky Sinz though!

Wasting no time at all, Ricky slips on condom and proceeds to fuck the hell out of Johnny’s waiting asshole. We all know the boy loves to rammed good and hard with a rock hard dick, but Ricky is a true pro and knows all about fucking like a champ. He gives Johnny all that he deserved and more, finishing off the cute room service boy’s punishment with a face full of gooey man jizz!

Johnny Rapid with Tyler St James on str8 to gay

Tanned, very well muscled Tyler St. James is pretty much straight, but like most straight studs, all it takes is a fistful of dollars and a smoking hot bottom like Johnny Rapid to get him engaging in gay ass fucking. He seems like a really cool guy and Johnny was certainly turned on by him. Well who wouldn’t be? With his dense muscle, gorgeous face and very fuckable cock, Tyler is a bottom’s wet dream cum true!

Jerking off during his interview, Tyler’s big man meat was already on it’s way to getting hard. But when our favorite dick hungry boy Johnny Rapid got his mouth around it, his ram rod become fully engorged and hard like steel!

True to his insatiable cock sucking nature, Johnny worked Tyler’s dick like a total champion, allowing his deep throat to be fucked thoroughly by the tanned, huge muscled stud. Tyler came for more than just head though, not waiting too long for the chance to pound Mr. Rapid’s fantastic twink asshole. And fuck it he did too, ramming it mercilessly until they were both blowing thick, messy loads of cum!

Max Flint gets to fuck Johnny at Str8 To Gay

Rarely will you see two such adorable boys the likes of Johnny Rapid and Max Flint sucking and fucking on the blue gay screen for everyone to watch. Max plays a landscaper who can’t seem to keep his eyes on his work. He happens to walk by Johnny’s bedroom window, where our gorgeous  twink star is stroking his rock hard dick!Max does his best to be discreet and secretive while peeping in on Johnny and his fantastic masturbation scene, but pretty soon Johnny catches him in the act. Max doesn’t know what to do at first, but when Johnny invites him into his bedroom to share his luscious body and cock with him, it’s all he can do to keep from cumming right on the spot!

Once Johnny and Max start rubbing their lean, young bodies together the temperature soon maxes out the thermometer. Johnny sucks Max’s dick like only he knows how, lovingly sucking on it like he hasn’t given head in ages. Max is in sheer heaven, so much so that he soon has Johnny’s own meat down his deep throat as well!

We all know how dick hungry Johnny Rapid’s boy hole is, so it goes without saying that he was soon riding Max’s perfect boy rod. And to say he looks great with that tool up his sweet twink ass is a serious understatement. His furry fuck hole is SUCH a huge turn on to Max, especially as he does Johnny doggy style. He gets to see that perfect twink hole open and close with each thrust of his dick!

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